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Canadian Garage Doors – Maintenance for Your Calgary Garage Doors

Garage door maintenance is not a trivial task to be ignored. However, if this task is executed in regular intervals and in a proper manner then this word ‘trivial’ can be avoided. For this a homeowner needs to follow a proper protocol so as to enhance the door’s life. This covers the annual servicing and maintenance plus the usual safe operation habits. There are many things that can be done without professional garage door assistance at a minimal cost.

When it comes to high quality garage doo service at affordable prices, nothing beats our experts. Call 403-250-8768 and book an appointment for garage door services.

Our Garage Door Repair, Replacement, Opener Installation Services

  • Residential,Commercial Industrial Garage Doors
  • Garage Doors Annual Maintenance Services
  • 24/7 Emergency Repair – 365 Days a Year
  • Buy Original Parts Spares of Garage Doors
  • Panel, Hinges, Gears, Roller Brackets, Tracks Replacement
  • Broken Garage Doors Cable Repair
  • Extension Torsion spring Repair replacement
  • Garage Door Weather Seal Stripping Broken Motors
  • Fix Pulley Systems, Cable Drums, Break-Ins or Vandalism
  • Emergency Lock Keypad Service
  • Screw Drive Opener
  • Belt Drive Opener
  • Direct Drive Opener
  • Chain Drive Opener
  • Overhead door opener
  • Residential Commercial Garage Door Openers
  • Opener Repair, Installation Replacement
  • Fix Garage Door Openers
  • Automatic New garage door installation
  • DIY garage door installation

We Repair – Sectional, Overhead, Steel, Metal, Patio, Roll-up, Cedar, Insulated, Carriage House, Composite, Aluminum, Cladwood Iron Garage Doors.

Brands We Carry – Amarr, Raynor, Lynx, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, LiftMaster, Garaga, Haas, Genie, Chamberlain, Stanley, Craftman, Sear.

Garage Door Servicing and Maintenance Professionals

These things are basically related to all the major components of the garage door. A garage door’s machinery generally includes rollers, springs, opener etc. Proper lubrication of these parts ensures their proper working.

However, there is much more in garage door maintenance than just oiling. These are:

  • Inspection – Inspect your garage carefully. No matter how small or big the part size is, do not ignore it. Have a close look at each one of them. Parts like door opener, metal tracks, electrical connections etc should be observed with utmost caution and precision. The quality of panels must also be observed since after years of use, the panels get rusted or dented.
  • Lubrication – In order to move freely without any resistance, lubrication of the door components is crucial. Oil provides a friction-free surface and thus enables a smooth operation. Use ideal oil grade as recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use those oils that attract dust on the parts. Some parts for which lubrication is indispensable are rollers, pulleys, chains, hinges, springs, screws etc.
  • Dents – Regular use leads to certain dents – big or small. In fact, light weight aluminum door panels are more prone to such dings. In order to restore the door to its previous ‘dent-free’ look, you can either seek professional help or do it on your own with the help of subtle hammer movements. However, take the tool in your hand if either the dent is small or if you are confident enough to treat it. Don’t make the condition worse!
  • Ventilation – Garages easily adapt to the outside temperature. They become quite hot in summer and quite cold in winter. Therefore the best way to neutralize the effect is to ventilate the garage either with a window fan or an exhaust fan. A fan by far is the best way to lower the uneven temperature inside the garage. Regulated temperature also reduces the need to spend on HVAC.
  • Insulation – Insulating the garage or the door is another way to balance the temperature inside the garage. Polystyrene panels are a great way to insulate the garage. Homeowners can use polystyrene foam panels against their aluminum garage doors. Also they should fill the vacant gap between the panel and the door with fiber or rubber stripes.
  • Rust Prevention – Rust is an outcome of moisture and dust. Initially, homeowners can tackle the rusted parts of the door with a household detergent. Simply washing the doors made of steel and aluminum with a detergent can remove the rust. In case of extreme rust, employ sandpaper. In order to prevent the door from any kind of corrosion in future, apply a latex paint.

The maintenance of garage doors is a task homeowners should not ignore. This can save a lot of bucks. However, in case of severe damage or repair, it is always advised that you seek professional help from local garage door experts.

Our company Canadian Garage Doors Windows is a leading garage door installation and maintenance firm. Call us anytime if you need our expert help regarding parts replacement and repair jobs in Calgary.

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New Garage Doors

Our product line includes Amarr, Windsor, Clopay, Garaga, CHI, Wayne Dalton, Northwest & Steelcraft. These are recognized as one of the industry's most popular and dependable residential garage door products with surpassed warranties. Choosing the appropriate material in the development of a garage door will influence the occurrence of maintenance, warranty of paint and finish, and longevity.

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I called Canadian Garage Door professionals during an emergency. I had to reach my office back at 7 PM due to some urgent work and couldn’t get my car out of garage. The manual override was also jammed due to years of neglect. These guys reached within 20 minutes of distress call and solved the matter within 15 minutes. I reached office just in the nick of time. They saved my day. Thanks Guys. You people are awesome!

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My garage door was 12 years old. It was certainly time to replace it due to its excess noise. I chose Canadian Garage Doors for their great online reviews. And it was a great choice indeed. These guys offer awesome prices along with great products and courteous attitude. Kudos to CGD for excellent installation job.

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