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Linear Garage Door Opener

  1. LDCO800: The energy-efficient, DC-powered operator that runs at an AC-equivalent speed. DC drive motor with soft-start and soft-stop for smooth, quiet, long-term reliable performance. Optional Battery Backup available for added peace of mind.
    • Smooth start and soft stop for ultra-quiet operation.
    • Low-power standby mode dramatically reduces energy consumption
    • Supplies 800 Newtons of lifting force for heavy doors
  2. LDO33
  3. LDO33: Single-lamp 1/3 HP residential garage door operator compatible with belt & chain drive rails.
    • Excellent performance.
    • Diagnostic system indicates six possible trouble conditions.
    • 100-watt courtesy light (bulb not included).
    • Built-in MegaCode format receiver.
  4. LSO50
  5. LSO50: Dual-lamp 1/2 HP residential garage door operator with superior vibration isolation mounting brackets and noise dampening acoustical foam, compatible with belt & chain drive rails.
    • Smooth and quiet operation
    • Built-in MegaCode format receiver
    • Operator includes three-button MCT-3 visor transmitter and deluxe wall station
  6. LSO50-2T
  7. LSO50-2T: Dual-lamp 1/2 HP residential garage door operator with vibration isolation mounting brackets, installer kit, includes HBT7C 7-foot belt drive rail, two MCT-3 transmitters, and one MDTK keypad transmitter.
    • 1/2 HP
    • 7 foot belt drive rail
    • Two 3-button MCT-3 transmitters
    • One MDTK keypad transmitter
  8. LCO75
  9. LCO75: The Model LCO75 3/4 HP Deluxe Dual Lamp Garage Door Operator is Linear’s most powerful door operator yet. It can be used in light-duty commercial installations or in residential applications with heavy carriage house style garage doors.
    • Torque sensing reversing
    • 3-Button MegaCode transmitter
    • Automatic reconnect trolley
    • Standard rail and chain assemblies for 8, 10, 12, and 14 foot doors
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I called Canadian Garage Door professionals during an emergency. I had to reach my office back at 7 PM due to some urgent work and couldn’t get my car out of garage. The manual override was also jammed due to years of neglect. These guys reached within 20 minutes of distress call and solved the matter within 15 minutes. I reached office just in the nick of time. They saved my day. Thanks Guys. You people are awesome!

Blake Jenkins

My garage door was 12 years old. It was certainly time to replace it due to its excess noise. I chose Canadian Garage Doors for their great online reviews. And it was a great choice indeed. These guys offer awesome prices along with great products and courteous attitude. Kudos to CGD for excellent installation job.

Alex Bernard
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