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With summer giving way to winters, many people will be struggling with garage door issues. And with the winter months comes the maintenance of garage doors. There are important points to follow when preparing your door for the winter months. And the best part is that these tips can be followed without any expert or repair professional.

Winter Maintenance Tips are Different

Cold and dry weather can take their toll on the garage doors. In the summers, the humidity and heat can make the door work erratically. In cold weather, the oil components or the friction increases due to dry surface. It can be dangerous to operate components with dry surface. Ventilation must be controlled in order to stop moist air from entering the garage.


In winters, the ventilation of the garage has to be regulated. So, the best way to control the air inside the garage is to manage the exhaust fan. Install the right fan as per the air circulation and ventilation requirements. If there was no fan installed previously, it is time to buy a free-standing fan. The fan must be positioned in a way so as to direct air flow outside the garage. To remove condensation from premises, install a high quality shutter fan. They are great at removing moisture from in and around the garage.

Ceiling mounted fans are another great option. Such fans need proper installation and they must be removed also by a professional. Ceiling fans deliver maximum performance when installed in the direction opposite to the garage door.

Control the Garage Temperature

Insulated doors are a great way to control the temperature inside the garage. It can be helpful in regulating the temperature both in summers and winters. When garage temperature is safe, homeowners can also save on the heating and cooling. If you are storing inflammable substances or paint in your garage, maintaining temperature becomes that much more important. Door insulation can be done by installing foam or polystyrene panels. People can also consider weather stripping the bottom of the door. This is a simple yet effective way to further insulate the interior of the garage.

Garage Door Opener

The most important component of the garage door is the opener. Openers can be ordered in several different varieties as per the opening mechanism and power rating. Remember, the opener has to be right match with the door installed. The weight and size of the door must be kept in mind before installing the garage door opener. Failure to match the opener with the garage door can cause further problems in other components.

Call Garage Door Technicians for Servicing

Experts or technicians can undertake a detailed servicing and maintenance. This will help the door cope up with the upcoming weather changes in the winters. Different door types require a different approach for the winters. Our Professionals know how to service and repair all the models from various brands. We deal in high quality components with a focus on providing high quality garage door servicing and maintenance.

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