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Broken Garage Door Cable

Garage Door Cable – Basics Explained

Broken Garage Door Cable

Garage door are the most integral element of the home’s exterior looks. Modern day garage doors consist of many parts. From panels to springs and from pulleys to cables, they can be quite complex in construction. And just like any other machine, they have to be maintained properly. Failure to comply causes problems and may even cause injury. Garage door cables are the most prone to damage and require constant maintenance on the part of the owner

A garage door cable, better known as the door lifting cable, consists of one big steel wire that further contains small strands of wires in between. This type of construction provides strength and flexibility at the same time. This wire is attached to the door lifting mechanism at one side and on to the weights from the other side. So, basically this cable keeps the door balanced at all times during the operation. Most garage door cables are located on the sides of the door/panels and they pass through the sides along with the pulley.

 Why wait for cables to snap and cause injury? Replace them from garage door professionals.

Garage Door Cable Repair

 Cables are attached to the garage door springs. And trust us, springs have to lift heavy doors. So, they are under enormous pressure. This pressure must be used only for lifting. Regular use of the garage door makes sure that cable suffers from wear and tear. Fraying occurs in time due to excessive tension in the cables. Weight of the garage door also has its impact on the cable operation.

Old cables are known to snap and cause grave injuries if not handled properly. Cable drums are also integral to the garage door system. These usually show damage signs from the middle and can cause tension problems in the cable itself. Spring attached to the cable is the most dangerous component of the garage doors. During installation and service, springs cause the most fatal injuries, amateurs and professionals alike. That’s reason professionals rise to the challenge.

Replace Cables for High Performance

Just like any other garage door component, the cable also requires regular maintenance and servicing. Cable is made of sturdy steel and normally lasts about 4-7 years. Regular lubrication and proper maintenance ensures that garage door operation is smooth and efficient. Lack of lubrication or dust-prone springs can cause noisy operation and frictional resistance. Moreover, broken garage door cable has to be replaced with a new wire as per the door model. Springs must be stretched in conjunction with the wound cable to make that the shaft has a free-flow operation.

Cables should be chosen very carefully. High strength galvanized steel cables are the preferred choice of many homeowners. These cables have high strength along with extreme flexibility. They can be ordered in custom sizes ranging from 2 inch to 6 inch. Also, hooks must be integrated well into the cable structure so that it allows for easy installation and maneuverability.

Canadian Garage Door Cable Repair: Trust the Professionals

Garage door cable is not for the amateurs. These are critical components in the door operation. It is recommended that you consult a professional garage door service company to inspect and repair these problems. This averts any potential injury. When you are thinking to replace garage door cable, make sure you call the professionals. These parts, cable and springs, can cause serious injuries if you do not have the right knowledge and skill. We deal in genuine spare parts that are manufactured by renowned brands and trusted by homeowners worldwide.

Experts from Canadian Garage doors are skilled professionals that have years of experience in garage door cable repair.

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