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Since garage doors hold a lot of importance in one’s property, one makes sure to get the best deal while choosing a garage door. This requires proper knowledge for the same and most of the people hardly have any idea regarding a garage door or its working.

This gives rise to a lot of questions about the same as people have a lot of doubts in their mind. If you are going to buy a new garage door or looking to upgrade one, don’t get confused and take your decision based on the following information.

FAQ’s About Garage Doors

Q- What type of garage door should I choose?
A- This is the most simple yet a very tricky question. It all depends on you, what exactly are you looking for and within what budget.

There are different garage door types such as wood, steel, aluminum etc and all have different features, appearance and style. So, taking all these things and your budget in mind, go for the one which best meets your requirements.

Q- What all is included in the garage door cost?
A- There are different companies in the market and all have different marketing strategies aimed at offering one, two or many items in the cost of garage doors. Generally, it includes replacement of tracks which fall within the warranty period.

Some companies also offer free repair and installation services. You have to get knowledge for the same as to which company gives you the best offer.

Q- Is Garage Door Installation a DIY job?
A- It is not a recommended DIY job but it is very much a doable job. There are a lot f garage doors whose installation is not difficult at all but you should have proper knowledge for the same.

A lack of experience may result in installing the door incorrectly, making you prone to a lot of damage in its initial stage only. So, its best to take professional help for the same.

Q- Can a garage door spring be fixed if it has lost tension?
A- Yes, a damaged spring can be fixed for sure and you don’t need to buy a new one. By adding a few turns to the spring and re-balancing your garage door, you can make it work smoother as it always used to do.

Q- Should I Replace The Opener Too Along With The Garage Door?
A- If you are looking to replace your garage door, there is no need to replace your opener, provided it is in its best working condition.

However, if you are buying a much heavier garage door than your previous one, your opener might not be able to handle that extra load and fail to operate. If you are going for a similar or lightweight garage door, you can continue using the same opener.

Have Any More Questions?

If you have anymore doubts left in your mind or are looking to get a garage door issue fixed, feel free to contact Canadian Garage Doors. Our expert professionals will clear all your doubts and fix all your garage door issues in no time and that too at a very affordable price.

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I called Canadian Garage Door professionals during an emergency. I had to reach my office back at 7 PM due to some urgent work and couldn’t get my car out of garage. The manual override was also jammed due to years of neglect. These guys reached within 20 minutes of distress call and solved the matter within 15 minutes. I reached office just in the nick of time. They saved my day. Thanks Guys. You people are awesome!

Blake Jenkins

My garage door was 12 years old. It was certainly time to replace it due to its excess noise. I chose Canadian Garage Doors for their great online reviews. And it was a great choice indeed. These guys offer awesome prices along with great products and courteous attitude. Kudos to CGD for excellent installation job.

Alex Bernard
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