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How To Maintain A Wooden Garage Door

Natural wooden garage door offers plenty of benefits to your house and also enhance the curb appeal of a home. Having a wooden overhead door is one of the best ways of improving the aesthetic appeal of your garage. To make sure your timber door is able to stand the test of time, you should keep it in a good and working shape.

Because these doors are manufactured from timber, they require regular maintenance and repair to ensure that they not look only beautiful and good, in fact, the timber door is protected from the elements and does not crack and rot. It will break down over the time if it is not properly cared for. There are many wooden garage door maintenance tips. You can follow these tips to keep your door in a good shape.

  1. Wood needs care: There is no doubt that wood is the most attractive material for your garage, but it requires more attention than other materials. If you want to maintain the timber door, you need to be prepared to some extra efforts to keep it how you want. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that wood needs care and attention. It is not so difficult job, but make sure you are not neglecting it.
  2. Rotting: Wood rot is one of the most common problems. It will affect your timber door and make it weak. This problem is caused by water infiltration. When you see signs of rotting, you must take action immediately. To prevent against rot it is crucial that your overhead door has been properly treated.
  3. Cracking and fading: Look carefully for cracking and fading problem in your overhead door. It makes the door substantially weaker. Prevention is quite easy as it only needs the application of specific UV protection oil. You need to be re-applied it after a while to make sure a timber door is fully protected from UV at all times. If cracking and fading more extensive, first sand it and after that apply anything.
  4. Keep an eye on your door: This is a great way to keep your door safe and secure from any type of problem. If you are thinking about to buy a wooden door for your garage, remember one thing that you need to keep your eye and ear open. You will have to do yearly maintenance to keep the door looking its best.
  5. Get the help of a professional: If you suspect problems with your timber door, it is crucial to hire a professional. He inspects your door from inside and outside. Sun, wind and rain affects your door from both sides. Proper preparation can provide you long lasting results.

Wooden garage door is an expensive investment. So, to make it long lasting, it is important to maintain the door time to time. If you have a wooden garage door and you are facing problem with it, you can talk with our professionals at Canadian Garage Doors and Windows.

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