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 Thinking about to buy a new garage door opener? Here are some effective tips.

An automatic garage door opener plays an important role to enhance the safety and security of your house. When it comes to purchasing a new opener for your overhead door, you might be surprised with the number of options. There are various factors that you need to consider before purchasing a garage door opener. Because the opener is available in different sizes and styles. The main types of garage door opener are screw drive, chain drive and belt drive. Each and every type has its own pros and cons.

You use an opener to close and open the overhead door in a very less time. So, it is crucial to choose the right opener for your door. In order to ensure that you buy the right opener for your door, it is crucial to learn about some important buying facts about an opener.

  1. Drive system: As it is already mentioned that there are three types of opener such as chain drive, belt drive and screw drive. The chain drive is the oldest and cost effective technology. Its feature a bike style chain which is lightly slacked when you open or close the door. Belt drive and screw drive are different from it. Screw drive requires less maintenance than other options.
  2. Motor size: Select a right size motor with a power adequate to lift your overhead door. If you have double doors, you need to buy a fast speed and high horse power opener. An opener with a high speed mitigate the time you have to wait in the driveway.
  3. Safety and security features: Make sure you consider about safety and security features before buying it. Buy an opener with a rolling code feature. It makes harder for potential thieves to access the code to open your door. Buying an opener with safety mechanism feature is a good idea. The safety mechanism feature saves your vehicles, family members and pets from an accident.
  4. Battery backup: Battery backup feature is not available in every model. Only few selected models come with this feature. Having an opener with battery backup feature is good for you. It allows you to open your garage door in the absence of electricity.
  5. Warranty and price: Warranty and price, both are the most important factors to consider. When you have made your decision, once ask about the warranty and price from the shopkeeper before buying it. It comes with minimum ten year warranty.

Keep in mind these tips if you want to buy a right garage door opener. The openers are very simple mechanisms that tend to last a long time. Understanding all the important features and different types of opener, makes it easier to pick out the right opener for you. If you need a help of a professional, you can consult with Canadian Garage Doors and Windows.

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