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Garage Door Weather Stripping Services

Canadian Garage Doors is the leading name in garage door weather stripping services offering the full range of door seals. Our garage door seals virtually seal every type of overhead garage door in the market. Select from a wide range of garage door weather seals to install the best weather proofing seal for your doors.

Where to Use Weather Strips

Weather seals can be used on a wide variety of places and locations in a door to effectively block the external weather phenomenon. An assortment of seal designs are available to seal:

PVC blade type seals are the most popular since are very easy to install and come in a wide variety of sizes. These also last longer and typically outlast the door as well. Polypropylene brush seals and rubber seals are the right choice when it comes to noise cancellation. They adjust as per the area and effectively seal all the gaps and open areas around the doors.

Door-bottom Edge Stripping

These are shaped in a flattened-out U pattern having one short and one long leg. They are installed with side and top jambs pressing lightly on the door and sealing the bottom. After screwing the battens in place, the short legs are trimmed as per the space to be sealed. Door-bottom edge stripping is available with us at affordable prices so you can afford every type of sealing no matter how large the garage door size.

PVC Stop Molding

It can be installed on top and side of the garage door and bolted right onto the wood trim. The flap of PVC seals press on the door’s outside, making it seal the gap in the door frame when opened.

Reverse Angle Jamb Seal

The angle iron piece of the door is attached to the clip portion. In a manner similar to PCV stop molding, the flap is closed flush against the door frame to create the perfect seal. There other types can be used to close the gap in the top and side section as well.

Garage Door Seal Retainers

These help install the seal effectively with the door surface – side or bottom. Rubber seal, vinyl seal or brush seal can be installed after fixing retainers on the surface. This further makes changing the seal a much easier task.

Bottom Astragal

These are nailed on to the garage door’s bottom to make it flush with the surface. They can be installed along side the bottom seal retainers. As per the bottom retainers shape, appropriate rubber or vinyl seals can be inserted.

We Provide Weather Stripping for:

Whether your want brand new seals installed or simply want to replace old seals, we have the right solutions to meet your demands.

Protect your garage from weather fluctuations with our garage door seal installation services. These help maintain a uniform temperature and also prevent dust from entering the garage.

Get garage door weather stripping services today.

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Features of Our Garage Doors
  • Multiple wood options – Fir, Teak, Cedar, Cypress, Mahogany, Redwood & Oak
  • Available in 25 Gauge to 14 Gauge
  • Multiple carriage house designed to suit any specification
  • Insulation R-Factor Value between R5.0 to R16.0
  • High Cycles per Hour Garage door Openers
  • Insulated, rain, obscure or other glass option available
  • Remote controlled automatic operation
  • Bottom vinyl weather-seal – Protects against natural elements
  • Handcrafted 5 or 4 layer polystyrene insulated garage doors
  • Insulated glass to improve energy efficiency
  • Nylon tires with heavy-duty steel ball bearing rollers - quieter operation
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I called Canadian Garage Door professionals during an emergency. I had to reach my office back at 7 PM due to some urgent work and couldn’t get my car out of garage. The manual override was also jammed due to years of neglect. These guys reached within 20 minutes of distress call and solved the matter within 15 minutes. I reached office just in the nick of time. They saved my day. Thanks Guys. You people are awesome!

Blake Jenkins

My garage door was 12 years old. It was certainly time to replace it due to its excess noise. I chose Canadian Garage Doors for their great online reviews. And it was a great choice indeed. These guys offer awesome prices along with great products and courteous attitude. Kudos to CGD for excellent installation job.

Alex Bernard
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